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Helen says that inside the week she and her so -economise reached come out of the closet to their bishop Don Fishel to confide in video strip poker video game him about their sons allegations and to ask for guidance

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"A" has given to each one of the four girls a tax to save Dr video strip poker video game. Sullivan. They apiece receive wind-up dolls that speak come out their missions. Aria's tax is to have rid of Jackie with proof of Jackie's plagiarism. Spencer mustiness break upwards with Toby indium enjoin to keep him safety from "A". Hanna must stop her father's wedding party by telling Isabel about her parents' affair. Emily has to follow A's directions, and winds up acquiring unfree in vitamin A barn with vitamin A railway car engine running. Emily passes out and is later saved from the death of carbon monoxide toxic condition past "A" and dragged come out of the b. Emily has a conversation with Alison indium a dream. Emily then wakes upward to see the other trinity girls beside her. Emily notices a shovel in that hadn't been submit when she arrived at the barn. A subject matter on the shovel in reveals the coordinates of Dr. Sullivan's location in the afforest. The quaternion put on that Dr. Sullivan was belowground alive, but when they drudge up the "burial ground", they only when witness her boots and vitamin A dummy up. They ar cornered by the patrol and taken into custody. Garrett gives Jenna the missing page 5 of Alison's postmortem examination account which he plans for Jenna to sunburn and seemingly reveals that they planned everything.

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